Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Vault (2019)

One thing I hate in movies is when the entire plot is predicated on a bad decision.  I may have said it before.  In the case of Vault, it needs repeating because the main characters can’t seem to make a good decision to save their lives.

I suppose that’s par for the course with Robert ‘Deuce’ Dussult and Charles ‘Chucky’ Flynn.  They’re criminals who get caught because their getaway driver gets smart and bails on them.  So, they spend time in prison and meet Gerry Ouimette, who has a job for them when they get out.

That job happens to be breaking in to the titular vault, which happens to belong to the Mafia.  You’d think they’d be smart enough not to go after organized crime.  What’s Gerry going to do to them that striking at the Mafia wouldn’t be worse?  They do it anyway.

Amazingly, they get away with $30 million in cash and goods.  Anything that isn’t cash, they hand over to Gerry.  Everyone goes their separate ways with Gerry promising everyone their cut from the proceeds of what he was given.

The rest of the film follows Deuce, Chucky and Deuce’s girlfriend, Karyn.  Deuce and Karyn met when Deuce and Chucky robbed a pawn shop.  She was working there when it happened.  They took her purse, bus fare and all, but Deuce promised to come back and give her a ride.

So, in the entire cast of characters, there’s not a likable person.  You’d think that Karyn would be some sort of sympathetic character or a surrogate for the audience.  No.  She sticks with Deuce and is there for him when he gets out.

You may be saying that it’s based on a true story.  That’s not much of an excuse.  It may stick close to the actual events, but the actual events are boring.  There’s not much fun or excitement here.  This is why you embellish a little.  Put in a car chase or an explosion or something.  I’d even settle for a shootout.

In fact, I took a look at the Wikipedia article.  The actual events look more interesting.  Apparently, Karyn was based on Karyne Sponheim, who was a prostitute.  (I imagine that was changed to make the movie a little more family friendly.)

The vault heist led to the longest and costliest trial in Rhode Island history.  Some of the people were convicted while others were found not guilty.  I think the movie could have been better if framed in that context.  Even at 99 minutes, it was slow and uninteresting.

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