Friday, November 16, 2007

My little trip

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George Score: 1,105.85
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I got back from vacation. I had a chance to spend lots of marked bills, of which I’ve gotten a few hits. There are two in Winston-Salem, NC, which I’m sure are ones that I took with me. (I had entered them only a few days before and close to each other.) Mostly, I bought gift cards. I reloaded my Starbucks and Subway cards and also bought new Panera and Waldenbooks cards.

When I got the card at Panera, it looked like the cashier was showing them to someone else. I asked about it and she said that she was simply putting $50 in singles together to put in the back. They’ll probably be staying in the store, but I don’t know if I’ll see any hits off of that for a while.

In other news, I went to the bank today and got five $2 bills. Unfortunately, four of them were ones that I had already stamped. I think that since I ask for them so often, they save them for me. This means that they also save the bills I’ve already stamped, not knowing that I want new bills.

I was also able to get a lot of new bills at the bank. I didn’t hit any, but I found a few that had writing on them. This was the best shot I was able to get of them. I don’t know why anyone would put this all over the bills or why I got so many of them, but I suspect that a lot of them will be making their way to the casino next week.