Thursday, August 04, 2011

No such thing as a free lunch

I was looking at an old page for programs that I had signed up for to make money online. Most of the programs had either shut down or didn’t recognize my login, so I deleted most of them. That left basically PayPal, Search Cactus, Spider Metrix, Epinions and Cash Clicking. I added and EasyHits4U, but I plan on adding a few more.

If you’ve visited the site only to see these links, don’t worry. I plan on updating the site. I’ll probably get rid of the table and just have paragraphs. I also plan on breaking it up into categories like traffic exchanges or survey sites. I do have a few other programs to refer. I’ll have to go through my bookmarks and links to see what I have.

As I may have stated before, it’s hard to make money off of any of these programs. Even with referrals, you usually need several and few people ever stay active enough to make it worth it. This is why I’ve been handing in applications to any store that will give me one. (My brother and I went out yesterday looking for places.)

I’d really like something like seti@home that would pay me money for doing distributed processing. I remember having seen one that never really promised to pay anything.

What would be best is some sort of passive income. is good because I can place the links somewhere and not have to do much else. EasyHits4U isn’t as good since it requires me to do so much surfing to get such a small payout. It’s better for promoting other things.

I guess there really is no such thing as a free lunch.