Sunday, April 24, 2005

Mixed news

It looks like I’ll be doing another election. I found out about it a week ago and they’ve already changed the training location twice. For now, the training will be in the same location as the polling place, which is convenient. In the past, the training locations have required a long bus trip each way. At least this location is close enough that the bus trip will be easy. I might even consider walking back.

I’m waiting to get paid for a survey. I don’t expect it to be much, but it’s something. I was recently contacted about doing another one for the same company, but it was by the person that introduced me to the survey people. I haven’t actually heard directly from them yet. Surveys are tough to get any money from.

A lot of sites that I’ve seen use contests. If you complete a survey, you get entered into a drawing for money. The problem is that I may be competing against hundreds or even thousands of people for one or two prizes. I’d rather take ten or twenty dollars. Another problem is that by the time I get to a lot of these surveys, my demographic is filled. That means that I get nothing. To boot, surveys are usually few and far between. There’s no way that I could count on them for money.

I came close to cashing out on Epinions. The minimum to cash out is $10 and I have $9.53. Next time, I should be able to do it. I hate high cash-out limits. The one for the advertising that I use on a lot of my sites is $100. I figure that at the rate that I’m going, I should be able to cash out in a few years.

I had almost cashed out on Commission Junction. They have all sorts of advertising programs to select from, which I can put on my sites. The limit was set at $25. Unfortunately, they instituted a rule that said that they were going to charge me $10 for every month that I was inactive. It should have been easy, considering that I had a lot of programs that were willing to pay me small amounts of money for giving out free stuff. Nothing. I was just a few dollars shy of cashing out and I went two months without any activity at all. It’s a shame, really. They said that I could sign up again, but why bother?

I’m just lucky that anyone’s looking at this Blog. I signed up for a counter, which I believe is displayed on the right side of the window. (If not, then it’s on the bottom, below all of my entries. I’m not sure.) I don’t get many people. If you’re looking at this now, I can expect the next person to come by within a few days. (I really need some word-of-mouth advertising.)

There’s still no news in the classifieds. I went through today’s and found nothing. However, I did go by the job-placement center at Miami-Dade College. They had two jobs, but it looks like both were filled. Unfortunately, their jobs go back several months. Usually, within a week or two, the job is filled.

That’s all for now. I’m going to have to keep trying.