Tuesday, July 05, 2005

At last!

Well, I got the job at Wolf. The hard part now is finding the documentation that I need to hand in to complete the application process. This happens every time. I put it someplace that I can’t possibly lose it and I then promptly lose it. I know it’s around here somewhere. It looks like I’ll have the same schedule as my brother, which is good.

The downside is that I’ll have to find something else to write about. It looks like a lot of employers don’t take kindly to having their stores or offices written about, so I don’t really want to put in a lot of detail. I like the people there and everything, but I really don’t want to take any chances, especially this early on.

The next big obstacle for me is going to be getting a car. I’ll probably be putting away a lot of money until I can afford something. I don’t really want to get something for the sake of getting something, but I do want something that I don’t have to worry about. Thus, I’ll probably be getting something used.

A hybrid doesn’t make sense for me right now, but that would be nice. In terms of cost, it wouldn’t work out because of the fact that whatever I save in gas will probably be eaten up by the cost of the car.

I don’t want to stay on for too long because I have to look for that documentation. I can look for it tomorrow. However, if I don’t find it, I’m going to have to have it replaced.