Saturday, May 09, 2020

Star Trek: Short Treks -- Season 2 Episode 5 (The Girl Who Made the Stars)

Every child is scared of something at some point.  For young Michael Burnham, it was the dark.  So, her father tells her a story of a similar young girl who is not allowed to leave her village at night.  In her case, it’s everyone else who is scared of the dark.  The entire population won’t travel beyond a certain distance because it would mean having to be beyond the communal protection when night falls.

When something bright falls from the sky one night, the young girl sets out to find out what it is.  It turns out to be an alien who gives her the gift of artificial light.  She creates the stars and allows her village to grow beyond their self-imposed confines.

I do think that the narration was a little overdone.  It may have been better to use additional voice actors and simply show the story without any voiceover.  Also, the use of a tardigrade isn’t necessarily anachronistic.  Tardigrades exist on Earth now, albeit in a much smaller form.  Showing Michael with a stuffed Tardigrade doesn’t necessarily imply that the animal is based off of the creature that she’ll later encounter.

It’s an interesting short in line with the other episodes.  It’s not necessarily deep, but it does give some insight to one of Discovery’s main characters.  The story isn’t necessarily as magical as the title might imply.  It’s more about a father caring for his daughter at an important time in her life.  The story within the story is just that.  It’s a parable about how to overcome fear, which gives Michael a tool to deal with her own concerns.


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