Monday, January 13, 2020

Star Trek: Discovery -- Season 2 Episode 5 (Saints of Imperfection)

Some episodes are pretty straightforward.  There’s one main story and maybe a side story.  It might be personal growth that parallels a major conflict.  It might be a minor conflict that interferes with a normal mission.  Then, there are episodes like Saints of Imperfection.  It’s like, “Ok.  Put down what you’re doing.  I need you to pay attention.”

The main thread here is that Tilly, the overeager captain-in-training, is trapped in mycelial space.  It’s up to Stamets to save her.  Ash Tyler is now posted to The Discovery as a liaison to Section 31.  The ship finally catches up with Spock’s shuttle, bring it on board and…it’s not Spock.  Instead, they find Georgiou, who’s also looking for Spock.

So, the reason that Tilly was brought to mycelial space was that the spores needed her to slay a monster.  It’s not clear why Tilly, specifically.  However, this monster is killing mycelial life forms and has to be stopped.

Stamets finds a way to bring the Discovery into mycelial space and rescue Tilly.  Before going back, they find this monster that the spores want killed.  As a click-bait article might promise, you won’t believe who the monster is!

All of the story lines are tied together by things that are out of place.  Georgiou is not of our universe.  Tilly is trying to find something not of the mycelial universe.  Ash appears human on the outside, but is really Klingon on the inside.  He’s not really welcomed in either world and it’s about to get more complicated.

Speaking of the mycelial network, it seems like we’re never really done with that.  We get a full-on promise never to go back…until we have to again.  Then, that’s the last time…until the next time.  But this is the last time.  We mean it!

And for those of you reading these reviews as you’re watching the series, I feel your pain.  You can’t wait to see Spock.  I’m a few episodes ahead of you.  You’re not going to have to wait long.


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