Friday, January 10, 2020

Star Trek: Discovery -- Season 2 Episode 3 (Point of Light)

There’s that line: Hell is other people.  It’s not what other people think of you, but rather, what you think other people think of you.  That seems to be the theme for this episode.

Ash/Voq is having a hard time being accepted as a Klingon since he looks human.  Tilly thinks she’s going crazy because of what’s ostensibly a hallucination.  So, of course, she hides it for fear of the straight jacket.  Also, we learn that Spock lacks empathy and Burnham feels like she’s responsible, due to some untold transgression against him when they were children.  She can’t even bring herself to approach or contact him.

The story progresses on these three fronts.  Ash learns that he has a son, which T’Rell, the mother, saw as a liability.  Her association with Voq has made her tenure as chancellor a difficult one.  Having a kid wouldn’t make that any easier.

Tilly’s hallucination isn’t making things easier for her.  It’s taken the form of an old friend, May and pseudo-May is persistent.  This might be all good and well, but Tilly has training to undergo and she nearly has a breakdown in front of the captain and the rest of the bridge crew.  But, there’s hope.  May could be the result of a parasite.

As for Spock, it looks like it may be a few episodes before we see him.  Burnham gets a visit from Amanda.  Amanda may not have been the best mother to Spock and Burnham, but she tried.  Still, it’s difficult to think of Spock being in a mental institution.

I mean, he was seeing the same Red Angel that Burnham saw, so there’s that.  The big thing is that Burnham committed some undisclosed transgression against Spock that may or may not explain everything.  Either way, Burnham feels guilty.

The second season is doing a pretty good job of building a cohesive story.  There are a few missteps, like Klingons having hair now.  (Apparently, they were shaving it before.)  And everything is tied together.  Spock knew about the Red Angel.  The Klingons do, too.

I have only one really big complaint.  I know I keep harping on this, but what’s with the whole Disco thing?  Couldn’t they use Dis or Disc?  I mentioned this with the first episode.  I was hoping not to see it again.  I really want to know why the first five letters of the ship’s name.  We never saw Voyag or Enter.  Could someone explain this to me?


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