Monday, May 27, 2019

Long Shot (2019)

I noticed that I’ve been seeing a lot of animated films recently.  I thought maybe it was time for a change of pace.  I’m not saying that these movies were bad.  Pokémon Detective Pikachu and Missing Link were both pretty solid, in fact.  It’s just that maybe I should see something that was actually intended for someone my age.

Enter Long Shot.

The title works on several levels.  First, you have Charlotte Field, who’s working as secretary of state.  She’s considering a run for president, but knows that it would be an uphill battle at best.  She hasn’t even told anyone.  There’s also Fred Flarsky, who works for an independent news Web site.  That is, until right-wing dirt bag Parker Wembley buys it.  So, Flarsky quits in protest.

As you might expect from such a movie, Charlotte and Fred end up at the same party.  Funny thing is that Charlotte used to baby sit Fred.  He even had an adolescent crush on her.  Given his work history, Charlotte hires Fred as a speechwriter.  Hilarity and romance both ensue.

I knew going into the movie that there would be at least some crude humor.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected, honestly.  It’s still not a movie for children, but there was only one scene that would have been awkward watching with my parents.

I do sense a bit of wish fulfillment here.  Who hasn’t had an adolescent crush they wanted to hook up with?  She’s way out of his league and everyone knows it, but it happens anyway.  There’s also a female presidential candidate that survives a scandal that would have brought down a male contender.  (Perhaps the biggest fantasy of all is a horrible president that wants to limit himself to one term, even if it is for the wrong reason.)

This isn’t a complicated movie.  Both main characters are likable people.  Fred tends to be inflexible on certain issues while Charlotte needs to take a firmer stance.  Much of the humor tends to be out there, like Fred getting half of a swastika tattoo.  I wouldn’t say that it’s played for shock value, but it is there.  I think the next movie I watch might be animated, just for balance.

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