Friday, November 23, 2018

Smallfoot (2018)

I recently started using AMC A-List.  So far, it seems to be working better than MoviePass.   I decided to see Smallfoot as my first movie with the program.  I picked a weekday showing early in the afternoon, not realizing that school was apparently out that day.  (It’s my own fault, since school tends to let out a lot this time of year.)  Still, I’m not sure if I made the right choice.  There weren’t many other movies that I had wanted to see, but there were a few that I could have picked.

The story goes that Yeti live at the top of a mountain.  Their leader, Stonekeeper, tells them that the Smallfoot doesn’t exist.  This is one of many rules and laws, all of which are written on stones.  Questioning the stones is frowned upon.  That’s why Migo is put in such a difficult position when he actually sees a human.  He realizes that smallfoot does exist and that at least one stone is wrong.  The fact that he has no proof doesn’t help.  Migo exiled for insisting that humans are real.

I had been hoping that the movie would have been more accessible for adults.  It wasn’t.  I got the very distinct impression that it was written with younger audiences in mind.  There wasn’t as much nuance as I would have liked.  Take the stones, for instance.  It could be seen as a play on religion.  There are many rules that are there to guide and protect the residents of the village, yet we know many of them to be based on lies.  Migo is apprenticing with his father to wake up the snail that lights the sky each morning.

The movie seems to be more formulaic than original.  We have a father that comes to appreciate his odd child.  We have a society that’s resistant to change.  There are also a few stock characters, like someone who has to learn what success really means to him.  I’ve seen comparisons to The Lego Movie and I can’t say that it’s entirely unfair, except that The Lego Movie did it better.

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diego78 said...

Ooh! I watched this movie last week only with my friends. It was worth my time. I simply loved the content. It was cute and I am sure kids are going to love it too. I am planning to start watching shows by Andy Yeatman now, as I have heard a lot about it as well.