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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Episode 160 (Attached)

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In Star Trek: The Next Generation, there was always this thing going on between Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher. Dr. Crusher had married Picard’s best friend, so the two knew each other for a long time before coming on the Enterprise. Picard had feelings and could have said something after the death of her husband, but it was by Picard’s order that Jack Crusher went on that fatal away mission. Whatever they were feeling for each other went unspoken.

In “Attached”, the Enterprise is going to Kespritt, a planet divided into two groups. The Kes make up about three quarters of the population. They’re seeking admission to the Federation while the other group, the Pritt, are extremely xenophobic and want nothing to do with anyone. They kidnap Picard and Crusher and ‘attach’ them by using a device that allows them to hear each other’s thoughts.

They manage to escape with the help of an operative, but soon discover that they can’t go too far from each other. If they do, they start feeling sever nausea that goes away if they move back toward each other. On the bright side, they have a map that will lead them to a town near the border, where they will be escorted back into friendly territory. On the way, Crusher mentions her husband and picks up on Picard’s feelings. Now she knows how he feels about her.

Back on the Enterprise, Riker is left to contend with someone from the Kes who’s trying to help, but reveals himself to be just as paranoid as the Pritt. He eventually realizes that he can’t endorse their admission into the Federation. Picard and Crusher are eventually returned safely to the Enterprise, although their relationship is changed for good.

I have to give this episode three stars. It was well written, but the overall story seems too contrived. It’s just too easy to have Picard and Crusher simply know how the other feels. I’ll admit that it is appropriate at this point to have something move the relationship along, but I would have preferred something else. They also seem to have done pretty well for themselves considering that they were traveling through the desert for two days with little to eat or drink.

The bright side is the acting. Gates McFadden seems to have become more comfortable with her role. Crusher and Picard seem like two people could be together, but are comfortable with their relationship where it is now. I don’t recall too much follow-up on this episode, but I could be wrong. (I know that there is talk in the final episode of the two of them having been married, but I don’t want to get into that here.) I’d recommend the episode, but I wouldn’t rush out to get it.

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