Sunday, November 26, 2017

Aventura Mall Food Court Sign revisited

Last year, I had a post on the sign at the Aventura Mall food court.  In it, I had wondered if the included photo of the sign might be the lst one I took of it.  It looks like the old sign is no more.  It has been replaced with a new sign.  The food court has been replaced with a food hall, which appears to include none of the old restaurants.  (Five Guy's moved to the third floor by the movie theater; Sbarro's is still in the mall by virtue of the fact that it was never in the food court to begin with.)

Most of the new restaurants aren't open yet. I'd be interested to see what they offer.  It looks like they'll be more upscale.  I'm not sure what they'll offer or what the pricing will be.  Maybe I'll get a photo or two if I get the chance.

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