Monday, November 21, 2016

Motorola RAZR V3m

Note:  This review was originally posted to my Epinions account.

I may be part of a minority.  While I have a cell phone, I use it primarily for making phone calls.  I’m letting you know this up front as it will affect my review.  I do occasionally use the other features, but there will be some things that I won’t talk about.

Since I use the phone mostly for calls, I’ll start with that.  Call quality is decent.  It’s not like the person is standing next to me, but I can generally make out most of the words when I’m talking to someone.  I do occasionally get momentary patches of silence, but no dropped calls.  (The service is through Sprint.)

Caller ID works, but will only show a name if you have it in your phonebook.  (This shouldn’t be a surprise.)  One nice thing is that you can take pictures with the camera phone and attach it to a number, so you get a call from a friend, you can have a really small picture of that person to look at.

Speaking of low-quality pictures, the camera is 1.3 megapixels.  Don’t expect artwork out of it.  It’s good if you need to take a quick picture and have nothing else available, but the few pictures I’ve transferred to my computer don’t look too good.  When I do transfer it, it has to be through text-to-email.  (This is useful also if I want to send stuff to Flickr.)  There is a microSD card, but it’s hidden behind the battery and I’m often not sure what’s on the card and what’s in internal memory.

It’s a clamshell design with a small display on the outside and a larger on the inside.  The buttons are big enough that I can enter numbers easily.  (I have big fingers, so this is an issue.)  Having backlit numbers is also a plus.  I find dialing and answering calls to be very easy on this phone.

I do access the Web through the phone, but very rarely.  It’s really only to enter bills on Where’s George when it’s not convenient to go to a computer.  Typing out the URL can be a chore and load time is often very slow even when I have five bars.  The Web pages also display funny since the display wasn’t meant for Web pages.  It’s actually my last resort for going online.

This is because there’s no full keyboard like some other phones.  You have to hit buttons several times to get to the right letter.  Entering a lot of information at once can be tiring.  Add to that the time from hitting send to the actual moment the message is sent can be long.  This is why I don’t text often.  It’s usually worth it to get to a computer and just use email.

I did download a few free songs, but the sound quality wasn’t that good.  I decided not to buy my music collection all over again for a drop in quality.  I’m also not going to try something new when I have a working iPod.  I also downloaded a few games with similar results.  Tetris works fine.  Pac-Man is a little harder to play.  I decided not to spend a lot of money on something that I really won’t be using all that much.

Battery life has taken a nose dive in the past few weeks, but I think it’s because of an old battery.  It used to be that the battery would last 2-3 days if I made a few phone calls every day.  Now, I find myself needing to recharge it after a few hours.  I think we may have an extra battery around, so I’ll have to see if that’s the issue.

I do also recommend getting a case for your phone.  Yes, it’s an extra step between you and your phone, but if you keep your phone in a purse or in your pocket with your keys, it’s worth the extra money.  It’s a pretty common size, so a case shouldn’t be that hard to find or cost that much.

I doubt that they still make this model, but if you can find it somewhere, I’d recommend buying it.  It’s worked fine for me for several years.

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