Sunday, November 20, 2016

Logitech M110 Mouse. M110 PS2 USB CORDED Mouse MICE. Optical - PS/2, USB - 5 x Button - Black

Note:  This review was originally posted to my Epinions account.

I’ve noticed that there are two extremes when buying gadgets.  Some need the biggest, most advanced, feature-laden item that money can buy, even if it sets them back a year’s pay.  They have to have it all.  Then, there are those that want something very basic.  This may be due to cost or a realization that they don’t need that much.  I’m part of the latter group for both reasons.  I just need something to move the little pointy thing around my screen.  I don’t want to spend a lot of money.

When my mouse was near quitting on me, I set out to find a replacement.  Not only did I not need anything fancy, I knew better than to get a mouse with too many buttons.  I had made that mistake once and I wasn’t going to make it again.  I decided to get the cheapest mouse that money could buy.  Due to my not making sure I was getting the cheapest mouse, I ended up with this mouse, the second-cheapest mouse that my local OfficeMax offered.  (The cheaper model was $2 or $3 cheaper, if I recall.)

When I got it home and out of the box, the first thing I did was wonder why they give you those little PS/2 adapters.  (Are people really that short on USB ports?  They have USB splitters, you know.)  After that, I plugged the mouse into one of my many available USB ports.  I would have returned it right then and there, but I didn’t want to pay the restocking fee.

The first thing I noticed was that mouse was a little jerky.  It seemed like it was sticking to the desk mat that I have.  That actually lasted a day or two, but eventually went away.  The other thing was that the buttons seemed a little sticky, but that also went away eventually.  It’s a good thing that I didn’t return it.  Even if I had gotten the cheaper mouse, it probably wouldn’t have been worth the time and effort.

It’s a good mouse if you stick with it.  Everything’s working normally now.  For the $15 (plus tax) that I spent on it, it does what I need well enough that I don’t even mind now.  This is one of those things that if you don’t play games or do anything that requires special buttons, don’t get the special buttons.  You’ll regret having the special buttons.  It works with my Dell desktop, which is all I need it to do.

I’d recommend getting it if you need to get something cheap and easy to use.  I don’t even need a mouse pad.  I know that this is a short review, especially compared to my last mouse review.  I wanted something basic, so having less to say is probably for the best.  Anything else I have to say would probably be a complaint.

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