Monday, September 19, 2016

Gourmet Jelly Belly Tropical Mix

Note:  This review was originally posted to my Epinions account.

Usually, when I get Jelly Belly, I get the bag with thirty flavors. Occasionally, the store that I go to is out of them. Rather than go all over town, I’ll just get another variety. I usually only see the Tropical Mix and Smoothie Blend bags, although they do occasionally have sours. Yes, there are other bagged varieties, but I’m not here to write about them. I’m here to write about what I get when my first choice is out, which is the Tropical Mix.

The Tropical Mix is what you’d expect. Jelly Belly has taken their tropical flavors and put them in one bag. I can identify most of the flavors, such as orange and lemon-lime. Banana and green apple are in there, as well. They also have tangerine and pink grapefruit, I believe. I could go on, but I fear it would be an obvious attempt to pad my review. (Come on… Not even the Jelly Belly site lists all the flavors in the bag.)

One thing that I do like about this bag is that it has a higher proportion of flavors I like to beans I don’t like. Lemon-lime is my favorite and lemon and orange are high on the list, as well. It’s kind of fun to not have to eat through flavors that I don’t like a much. There is also one flavor in this bag that I can’t get in the 30-flavor bag. You’re probably asking at this point why this isn’t my first choice. There are certain flavors you can only get in the bigger mix, like peanut butter and I don’t want to have to do without for too long.

They’re pretty easy to eat and tend to be true to the flavors that they’re supposed to be. These are flavors that you might associate with the tropics. So, maybe I won’t instantly be transported to a tropical island, but I don’t expect that. I want candy. (Specifically, I want sugar.) This gives me sugar in an easy-to-eat form. It is nice to have something different once in a while. Sometimes, I will get this one even if the 30-variety bag is available. I’ll sometimes even get one or two of each, just to mix it up.

Just like the other flavors, they’re four calories per bean and fat free. Yes, I’m sure my dentist doesn’t approve. (My parents certainly don’t, as I don‘t have the best dental history.) I give this mix four of five stars. The only thing I could really ask for is for them to come in a resealable bag.

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