Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cheez - It Baked Snack Crackers

Note:  This review was originally posted to my Epinions account.

I love snacks. (Who doesn’t?) Sometimes, I go for the sugary stuff like donuts and jelly beans. I have been trying to cut back, so I usually get something like Cheez-Its. Normally, I don’t go for crunchy stuff, but there aren’t a lot of non-sugary snacks that aren’t crunchy. Cheez-Its are baked, which I think usually means that they’re lower in fat, although I’ve never done any sort of comparison.

In any event, I do like cheese and Cheez-Its are cheese flavored. As the back of the box once suggested, they’re big on cheese taste. For those that haven’t seen them, Cheez-Its are small, yellow squares that are lightly salted. They also have a small hole in the middle, which is about the size you’d make with a needle or something. They have different varieties, like spicy or sour cream, but I’m reviewing the classic version here. This is the kind that’s just cheese flavored.

They’re made by Kellogg's under the Sunshine label, which it acquired a few years ago. I like going with a major brand, although a major brand doesn’t always ensure a good product. I have noticed that Cheez-Its will vary on occasion. Some look like they’re a little burnt while others are saltier than normal. The box I’m working on now may have been a little overcooked.

Given the chance, I could probably go through a box in two or three sittings, even though I shouldn’t. Each serving is supposed to be 27 crackers, which works out to be 15 servings per box. I occasionally keep a box at work so that when I’m hungry and can’t go out for lunch, I can grab a few to eat. It cuts down on the hunger without my having to eat a lot.

Boxes usually go for $2.59 each. I usually get them when it’s buy one get one free since I know I’ll be eating them. If $2.59 is too much for you, you can get single-serving bags for 99?. This will at least give you the opportunity to see what they’re like without having to risk wasting an entire box. I have to warn you, though: If you like cheese, you will most likely like Cheez-Its. 

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