Wednesday, March 28, 2012


To give you an idea of how well I’m doing at making money on the web, I started working at a part-time job. It pays $10 per hour, but I’m still looking for ways to make money online. Two things have come to my attention.

The first is ProTypers. They have you enter those funny-looking words and pay you up to $1.35 for every thousand images you do correctly. It doesn’t sound like much, but I was able to cash out my first week. I selected PayPal as a payment method, which allows for a $3 minimum payment. If you work for an hour or two per day, you should be able to reach that without referrals. I know this doesn’t sound like much, but it’s better than a lot of programs I’ve come across.

Speaking of referrals, it looks like five different referrals have to cash out before you start earning the ten percent you get off them. If you do sign up for this program, I’d kindly ask that you cash out at least once. (PayPal looks like the quickest option for this.) I have been paid by this program, so they do seem legitimate.

The other thing is something called App Trailers. One thing I don’t like about this is that you have to enter a code ’unableoscar’ for me to get credit for referring you. (This was randomly generated. If you sign up, let me know so I can tell if I got my points.) It is a good program. You get paid for watching trailers of apps, many of which are free. They have also paid by PayPal, but there are different options for cashing out like Amazon.

I’m still looking for new programs. If you find something that pays well, please let me know.

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