Friday, September 17, 2010

Will work for money

I’m down to needing only two Florida counties on Where’s George: Gilchrist and Madison. I’ve had to let my membership to Friends of George lapse because I just can’t spare the money right now, which makes it harder to tell when I’ve gotten the hit that gives me a new county. Thus, I don’t have links to post.

It’s been hard to post stuff here because not having a job means not having money to do anything interesting. I’d post more, but I don’t think that the general public wants to hear how I spent most of the past month sitting at home looking for work or going to the mall to fill out applications. There are a few prospects that I’m hopeful about, but I have no idea how many people I’m competing against. All I can do is keep filling out applications.

I know that I can work, but it’s hard to prove that to someone, especially when all they have is an application or a résumé. If I’m given 40 hours every week, I’ll show up for all 40. I’d even take 20, especially considering that most places are only hiring part time. Working 20 hours per week is better than sitting around waiting for my unemployment to run out.

I wish I knew where to look. It gets frustrating when you fill out 20 or 30 applications and you know that most of the places aren’t even hiring. Even among those that are hiring, you have to figure that everyone and their pet Chihuahua has already applied there.

I can’t give up, though. I know that sooner or later, I’ll find a job. I can only hope that it’s sooner.

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Just got a bill you entered…four years ago. Check the website