Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A long time coming

I’ve been kind of busy looking for work. That and not having much cash means that I haven’t had many interesting hits. Much of what I have is spread over a long period of time. One is an article on Apple not taking cash for the iPad. I’m actually surprised that it’s still up there.

There are also two bills that I entered several months apart, here and here, that came together. I don’t imagine that it happens too often. (Yes, it’s been so long that one of the bills got another hit.)

In the interesting comment department, this bill is from someone who thinks that the bill is defaced. I think that the idiot part is a bit much. I remember first entering bills on Where’s George, worrying that someone would confront me about it. While I never had someone insult me about it, I guess it’s much easier when you’re not doing it in person.

Then, there’s the person that held on to the bill for two years. I don’t mind having a sleeper like that, but why wait two years to enter it? I can only imagine that they got more Where’s George bills and realized that my bill wasn’t so special.

One last note is that Calhoun County fell, leaving me with four Florida counties. I don’t have a link as I only noticed yesterday. I have so few counties left that I don’t really expect it.

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