Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You have entered 59,847 Bills worth $171,763
Bills with hits: 4,809 Total hits: 5,454
Hit rate: 8.04% Slugging Percentage: 9.11% (total hits/total bills)
George Score: 1,192.08
Your rank (based on George Score) is #373
(out of 52,946 current users with a George Score. [99.3 Percentile])
Your State Rank in Florida is: 20 out of 7,197 [99.7]

I never thought I’d make it to the top 20 in Florida so soon, but I seem to have jumped. I doubt this will last very long, because it probably means that several people haven’t refreshed. If I understand correctly, your George Score drops after five days of not refreshing. If enough people refresh by this time tomorrow, I’ll be back down to 23.

I’m also to within 12,000 bills of being within the top 201 list for total bills entered. I know it’s not much, but it’s something. I figured I’d get something in.

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