Sunday, October 12, 2008

209-E, Dress Down

You have entered 58,744 Bills worth $168,458
Bills with hits: 4,730 Total hits: 5,366
Hit rate: 8.05% Slugging Percentage: 9.13% (total hits/total bills)
George Score: 1,190.18
Your rank (based on George Score) is #384
(out of 53,052 current users with a George Score. [99.3 Percentile])
Your State Rank in Florida is: 26 out of 7,167 [99.6]

I came across some interesting bills last month. One has a red rectangular stamp with 209-E inside of it. I don’t know what this means. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’ve actually submitted it to a group which specializes in strange pictures. I’m wondering if it’s some sort of bank stamp or something. The only thing I can think of is that it’s some sort of vendor code. I’ve been to plant sales where there’s a centralized bank of registers. However, it would probably be an easier way to keep track of money, since there’s no real need for any particular vendor to get a specific bill.

The other had Dress Down written on it. I have no idea what this means. I can’t think of any definition of dress down that applies to money unless you’re applying money to dress something down. Maybe someone got dressed down, as in reprimanded, and had to put write the phrase on a bill before putting it in a jar.

I got singles from Washington Mutual last week. I felt a little bad because the guy that usually helps me said that they haven’t been getting a lot of twos in, mostly because of the whole takeover situation. At least Chase is a stable bank, which would mean that the branch will stay open. I don’t see why not, since I don’t know of any Chase banks in the area.

That’s all for now, which is why it’s taken me so long to post. I hope I’ll have more soon

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