Monday, July 23, 2007

One more post for the night...

I was actually going through my bills to enter today and I found two bills with writing. (I'm just now getting around to entering the bills. I know it’s late.) One, I was able to photograph. It has simply "AIDA" and "I love Ramon" on it. It looks like two different handwritings and one is in pencil. It's kind of interesting to get two different markings worthy of note.

The other one, I couldn’t get a photo of. The writing was so small, I just couldn’t photograph it, despite a dozen or so failed attempts. It has “Chelo & Mateo” in extremely small writing off to one side in the margin. It looks almost like it was done with a printer of some sort, although how they got it in the margin like that I’ll never figure out.

I figured I would get those in there. If anyone knows what Chelo and Mateo are, let me know.

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