Monday, July 23, 2007

Of Counties and Jefferson

I just got some good news. I was notified that I got Litchfield County, Connecticut. This means that the only county I need in Connecticut is Middlesex. One more county and I'll have county bingo for Connecticut. This is especially good news since I'm going to New York in a few weeks. I'm hoping that since New York City is so close to Connecticut (and Middlesex County in particular) that I'll be able to get the county easily.

According to the County Difficulty tool on the Bank of Frank web site, a hit in that county should be relatively easy. Actually, all of the counties in that state should be relatively easy. Thus, I may get several bingos.

I'm actually debating whether or not to start using $2 bills regularly. I'm able to use them in the Gulfstream casino, but my manager asked me if I ever got them in change when cashing out. The fact that I don't probably means that they're depositing them, especially considering that only one bank of slots between the two casinos accepts them. This isn't what I want. I want them to be recirculated.

Most places seem to put them under the cash drawer, which means that they're depositing them, as well. I've seen very few places give them out as change. However, I'm thinking that the more I use them, the more likely places are to start giving them back out. I know that my coworkers don't like taking them because there's no place to account for them in our paperwork.

I think this may be true of most places. While registers have the ability to accommodate them, most don't. The only place that I've heard of that accepts them is Jefferson's Monticello estate, and that's because Jefferson's picture is on the front. (Monticello was also featured on the back until the 1976 redesign.)

According to the Wikipedia article, they account for about 1% of bills in production. Granted, that's not a relatively high number, but it's not incredibly rare, either. Even though there's a group of people on Where's George dedicated to entering and marking $2 bills, I could still probably enter thousands of them without finding someone else's.

Anyway, I wanted to get that in. It's been a while since I posed anything and I really should be posting more.

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