Friday, February 16, 2007

Three new bills

I’ve got three more pictures to post. One is a bill with hole burned in it. It looks like the hole was made with a cigarette. The thing that I find odd is that it’s right beneath the signature. I have to wonder about the set of circumstances that led to someone doing that. Do you get bored one night and just start burning things? “Hey, Ned! Look at what I’m gonna do!”

And yet, they spent it. Here I am commenting on what they did. I think I may have gotten this one from a bank. I wonder why no one took it out of circulation.

Here’s another one that I find odd. When I showed this one in the Where’s George chat room, the best that we could figure out was that someone may have been saying something against the Federal Reserve. I’ve heard of anti-WTO sentiment, but never anti-FRB sentiment. Franklin Roosevelt hasn’t been around for a while, so I doubt that it’s some sort of smear campaign. What could FR stand for? Any comments on what this might be would be appreciated.

I think that this one is fairly obvious. Someone was trying to use the G to help spell out Gangsta. Here’s another case where I wonder. Does this person get a good feeling out of having their work seen, yet remaining anonymous? I don’t suppose I’m helping matters much by bringing attention to them.

All of these bills have been logged on Where’s George. We’ll have to see where the go next. Speaking of which, I got more $2 bills. I actually got 50 of them, but about 20 were 1976 series. I’m going to save those; the rest are entered, marked and either spent or in my wallet. I’m really encouraged by that hit.

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