Saturday, February 17, 2007

I think I finally figured out why I haven’t been getting a lot of hits on twos. People are collecting them. This doesn’t come as a complete surprise to me. I knew coming into this that many people either collect them or send them to the bank. That’s why I try to spend only a few at a time.

However, I went into 7-Eleven today to buy something and paid with two $2 bills. The cashier put them under the cash drawer. When I asked about it, she said that her manager collected them. There are two bills that I’ll probably never get a hit on.

The next place that I spent $2 bills was Taco Bell. I paid with three. The guy at the register asked if I had any more. I traded out the rest of the bills I had for two fives and two singles. He also swapped out what I had paid with from the register. I’m somewhat hopeful that he’ll enter them and/or spend them.

I did spend two $2 bills at Starbucks today. The person helping me said that he had never taken them in at the store before. He asked someone else what to do with them. There’s a strong possibility that he may swap them out and enter them.

I’d definitely like more hits on my Toms. I’m going to ask for more on Tuesday if I can. I’m hoping that next time, if I get a lot that they’re all new.

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