Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Resolution (2012)

Mike is a good friend.  When he receives a video file from his friend, Chris, he takes it as a cry for help.  Chris is a drug addict and needs help getting clean.  The only problem is that Chris doesn’t want to get clean.  He wants to get more drugs.  He acknowledges that it’s a downhill journey, but it’s the journey he wants to take.

Mike isn’t ready to give on him.  Mike chains Chris to the wall in the hopes of forcing Chris to clean up.  The two friends still have to contend with the locals, including Chris’s drug dealer and the owner of the property that Chris is squatting on.  (Chris neglected to mention this.)

It doesn’t take long for the friends to realize that something strange is up.  For starters, Chris never sent Mike the video.  He never even made that video.  Add to this weird sounds and an even weirder cult nearby.  There are quite a few unexplained things going on.  We’re not talking full on poltergeist or anything, but it is weird.

The movie focuses mostly on the relationship between Mike and Chris.  Mike is more straight-arrow with a wife back home.  Chris seems to be more of a loner, happy to stick around until he gets kicked out.  It’s not until the end that things get supernatural.  Chris and Mike realize that they have to leave, and soon.  Between the owner of the property, the drug dealer and the entity that’s haunting them, it’s probably a good idea to be elsewhere as quickly as possible.

I can see this movie being a bit too esoteric for most.  I can see a lot of people shutting it off within the first few minutes, and I can’t say I’d try to persuade them to keep watching.  It is slow to start and I’m not entirely sure I understand it.

I’m not really sure what the message is or if the movie is trying to say anything at all, other than drugs can mess you up and leave you in a bad place.  Had I not seen The Endless, I probably never would have heard of this movie, let alone watched it all the way through.  It’s not necessary to have seen this to watch The Endless.  I’m not even sure it helps.  (The two main characters basically make an appearance in the other movie.)

With a lot of movies of this type, you usually get some sort of explanation.  You might at least see the entity that’s playing with Chris and Mike.  Here, it’s some unseen entity leaving photos and videos for the friends to find.  Is it trying to help them?  Is it there to hurt or antagonize them?  Are they stuck forever or is there something they can do to get out?  We may never know.  This might only make it on to your list if you’re stuck at home due to COVID-19 and are looking for something to watch.  If you do, leave me a comment if you get it.


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