Thursday, April 16, 2020

Evil Brain from Outer Space (1966)

One of the sure signs of a movie being horrible is that it doesn’t even use original footage.  To me, that indicates low production values.  Sure, there are exceptions.  Kung Pow: Enter the Fist was successful, but as a comedy.  That was the entire point of using old footage.  However, Evil Brain from Outer Space was lifted from three separate movies.

Here, the movie would seem to be about an evil person who is all but killed.  His brain survives and moves to Earth to take over our planet.  Starman, a hero made of steel, comes to protect us.  He’s given a watch that allows him to fly and talk in all human languages.

What follows is more than an hour of sloppy fight scenes, inane dialogue and cheesy costumes.  Judging by the costumes alone, the movies that this was compiled from weren’t that great, either.  The council that sends Starman to Earth is made up of people who apparently communicate by waving their arms up and down or sideways.

Balazar the Brain can’t be destroyed, so of course, Starman takes the first scientist he comes across and tasks the scientist with destroying Balazar.  That sounds easy enough.  While the scientist is doing that, Starman fights off several henchmen at once, often reusing a scene from earlier.  Occasionally, he’ll have to fight off a mutant.  This means taking on one person in some weird costume.  One of them can even fly standing up.

I have to wonder if this movie was even meant to be taken seriously.  With Kung Pow, it was all part of the joke.  It would be pretty sad to think that someone was really putting some effort into this.  It’s exactly the kind of movie that belongs in those 50-packs of movies you get online.  It’s really horrible and not at all worth its share of the purchase price.

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