Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Lost In Space (2018) (Season 2)

I had to wonder how many seasons Lost in Space would last.  There was only so long before a ship would get fixed.  To have a series of problems would get old quickly, even if each season is only 10 episodes.  In Star Trek: Voyager, there was a 70-year trip ahead of the crew, so there was that.  With Lost in Space, the trip was supposed to be quick and easy.

The second season picks up where the first left off.  The Robinsons are stranded on a planet with Don West and Dr. Smith.  West is a mechanic, which helps.  Smith is their prisoner, which doesn’t help.  Oh, and they can’t breathe the atmosphere for very long.  Plus there are some strange weather patterns.

Fortunately, being stuck on the planet doesn’t last all season this time.  They do get off the planet, only to discover that their main transport, the Resolute, is abandoned.  Why?  The alien robots are still an issue.  At least the Resolute’s pilot is.

You see, it was discovered last season that the Resolute uses faster-than-light technology that was stolen from alien robots.  Whether these robots are a race unto themselves or serve another race is still unclear.  However, it takes a robot to pilot the drive, which is another level of problem, especially if the robot revolts.

The show reminds me of 24 in that the plot can’t go in a straight line.  Every solution has a problem.  Every action has an obstacle.  That’s the problem with a serialized format.

This isn’t to say that it’s bad or feels contrived.  It’s just that some of it seems unnecessary.  You’re trying to stretch maybe two hours of material over 10 episodes.  It might have been easier to just make a couple of movies.

The fact that there will be a third season leaves me wondering.  We were supposed to see Alpha Centauri.  Instead, we get another lost ship.  I’m curious as to what the season would bring us.  Maybe there will be enough of a new element that the episodes won’t seem like filler.

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