Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Current War: Director's Cut (2017)

I like to make the distinction that Thomas Edison was a businessman Whereas Nikola Tesla was an inventor.  Like Henry Ford, Edison didn’t really invent anything.  He just found a new way to make a light bulb.  He basically made it so that people could buy and use them.

This isn’t to say that Edison didn’t make contributions, but Tesla was the one that had more of a scientific mind and could create new things, like the coil named for him.  He was even trying to make it so that electricity could be transmitted wirelessly.  So, it’s only natural that Edison gets all the schools named for him.  Right?

When I saw the coming attractions for The Current War, I thought that Tesla might get his due.  He was featured in said trailers.  Nope.  The movie was mostly about how Westinghouse and Edison brought lights to the people.  Part of this was the power supply, which Tesla had a part in.  However, Tesla’s part in the movie was not what I had hoped.  He was shown in a few scenes, mostly being pushed out of something he was working on.

It worries me sometimes if I can’t get at least six paragraphs into a review.  I’d go into a detailed recap, but there’s not much for me to share.  The movie focuses on Edison.  He’s shown as being very petty and driven.  He’ll resort to demeaning the competition if it means getting what he wanted.

Overall, it was very bland and plain.  Having an even pace isn’t always a good thing.  Here, it makes it monotonous.  It’s like the movie got rejected by PBS, so they toned it down a little and got a theatrical release.  (I kind of feel like I forgot most of the movie once I walked out of the theater, so if I got a few details wrong, please forgive me.)


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