Sunday, September 02, 2018

Project Kronos (2013)

Things aren’t always that simple.  I was just looking at a movie that was edited and redubbed from a Russian movie.  You also have movies, such as Frankenweenie, that have two versions by the same director.  When I was looking into The Beyond, I found that the director had also made this movie, which was similar.  Both movies are set up like documentaries.  The primary difference is that Project Kronos deals with humans looking for aliens whereas The Beyond has an unknown intelligence coming to us.

In Project Kronos, The Space Agency, Inc., wants to build a probe.  The problem is that the memory required would need a huge storage device.  The solution is to use a human brain, instead.  Gross?  Maybe.  Ethical?  Probably not.   It is an interesting idea and not without merit.  It’s pointed out that a human could deal with extraterrestrials better than an AI could.

It sort of reminds me of Prelude to Axanar in that it’s incomplete.  Both seem like they’re the first part of a documentary.  If you watch this before watching The Beyond, you might think that you got cut off or that you just watched the first of two parts.  In a way, the second part is The Beyond.  I think that it may have been a way of gauging audience reaction, not unlike a backdoor pilot.

If you can find the movie online, I’d say that Project Kronos is worth a shot.  It’s only 14 minutes.  It also looks like there’s another entry on IMDb called Project Kronos with the same writer/director.  This may be a full-length version.  I’m not sure, but it would be interesting to see how the two compare.

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