Monday, July 23, 2018

In the Year 2889 (1967)

There are certain descriptors that generally mean that a movie is bad.  Rover Corman has been associated with a lot of movies and is associate with many low-budget productions.  Made-for-TV movies, similarly, aren’t known for having better production values.  Remakes, at least, are a mixed bag but are generally worse than the original.  When I say that In the Year 2889 is a made-for-TV remake of a Roger Corman film, that should tell you something.

The movie takes place at the house of John and Joanne Ramsey, who are father and daughter.  John has stockpiled supplies for three people to last three months.  The third person was supposed to be Joanne’s fiancĂ©, but poor Larry didn’t make it home in time.  The bombs went off and nearly everyone was killed.  How did the Ramseys survive?  Their house is in the middle of a valley that’s bordered by lead-filled mountains.  There’s also a heated stream or something.

Anyway, five other people show up.  Steve and Granger are the first two.  They’re brothers.  Steve appears normal, but Granger was hit by enough radiation to kill the entire main cast.  You can tell because it looks like someone put white house paint on part of his face.  Surprisingly, he survives the radiation.  There are also Mickey and Jada.  Jada’s a stripper and Mickey is her loser manager.  She does a striptease in one scene and he spends most of the movie trying to take control or rape Joanna.  Rounding out the crew is Timothy.  He has whiskey.

The entire group looks like they were leftover characters from other movies.  This would be appropriate, as this is where they got the title.  American International Pictures was going to do a movie based on the Jules Verne story, but the project was cancelled after they registered the title.  Rather than let it go to waste, they used the name for this movie.  (There’s absolutely no indication that the movie takes place 900 years in the future.  It looks exactly like 1967.)

It actually sounds like the click-bait version of a bad joke.  (Two brothers, an alcoholic, a stripper and her deadbeat manager walk into a guy’s house.  You won’t believe what happens next.)  The movie is set in and around Casa del Ramsey.  There’s even a pool nearby, which I’m assuming must be on a neighboring property or something.  The story follows the seven survivors, who basically get on each other’s nerves.  There’s even a telepathic mutant that’s also taken an interest in Joanna.  (You can tell he’s a mutant because of the really crappy makeup.)

It looks like very little effort was put into this movie.  I noticed that animals didn’t appear to mutate at all, even though humans did.  There also seems to be a minimal understanding of science.  I’m not even sure they were using a standard unit to describe the amount of radioactivity.  I always imagine that there’s some expert out there watching movies like this and repeatedly asking if they actually had done even minimal research.  (Then again, this is before the World Wide Web.)

It seems to be a favorite of those 50-movie bundles you get and with good reason:  It’s public domain.  Consider that the original Corman production, Day the World Ended, had a bigger budget.   I actually got this as part of a nine-movie set.  The only one I have left to watch is Metropolis.  Even as part of a set, I’m not sure this movie is worth the price.

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