Thursday, May 31, 2018

Vignettes for Polavision: The Chase/Lucia Chase Vignette (1978)

Short films can be easy or difficult to review. In either case, it’s usually because the film is so short.  Vignettes for Polavision: The Chase comes in at only three minutes.  It shows a boy stealing a girl’s diary and the ensuing chase.  The location is the Eames Case Study House in Pacific Palisade, California, which can also be seen in House: After Five Years of Living.

There’s no dialogue in the movie.  It’s just the girl trying to get her diary back from that darned boy.  The film was a test for the Polavision Instant Home Movie System.  The system didn’t really catch on.  (Part of this was due to low quality.  It also had VHS and Betamax to contend with, either of which had sound and could be reused.)

It’s a very simple movie, safe for all ages.  The short is available as part of a DVD collection, The Films of Charles & Ray Eames.  Unfortunately, the DVD set doesn’t seem to be available through Netflix any more, even to save.  I’m not sure why this is.  I was able to rent the second disc, but when I went to return it and get the next disc, all of the subsequent discs had been removed.  (Volume 2 still shows in my history, but I can’t click on it.)  If anyone knows what happened, please leave a comment.

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