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Friday the 13th: The Series -- Season 1 Episode 14 (Bedazzled)

Friday the 13th: The Series followed a certain format, at least so far in the series.  Micki, Ryan and Jack would be sitting around Curious Goods when they would randomly come across a cursed antique that Lewis Vendredi had sold to an unsuspecting customer.  They’d then spend the rest of the episode trying to get it back.

In Bedazzled, the episode starts with Jack and Ryan retrieving the cursed lantern and bringing it back to the vault for safekeeping.  The problem is that Jonah isn’t done using it.  He manages to get the license plate of the car that Jack and Ryan drive off in, allowing him to track them down.

Cut to Jack and Ryan going to an astrologers’ convention, leaving Micki all alone in the shop.  This wouldn’t be so bad, except that its raining.  She gets a call from a friend asking her to baby-sit the friend’s kid, which is good.  At least Micki will have some company.  However, Richie is old enough to not want to be there.  Plus, he’s going to be someone for Micki to worry about when Jonah finally shows up.

Micki manages to deal with Jonah effectively enough to keep the lantern in the vault.  Richie makes it safely to the end of the episode, too.  He even seems to have a little respect for Micki, who didn’t seem to see fit to tell Ryan or Jack what happened.

It’s actually pretty surprising that none of the main characters saw this coming.  Yes, it’s a little sudden.  (How did Jonah get the information for Curious Goods that quickly?  It was nighttime, so I doubt the DMV was open that late.)  Still, no one mentions anything about preparing for Jonah’s eventual arrival.  Many of the antiques’ previous owners wind up dead before the antique makes it back to the vault, so I guess no one really expected it.

I also found it a bit odd that Micki made no attempt to restrain Jonah.  She’s able to incapacitate him several times, but never thinks to get some rope?  During the episode, a police officer enters the store and is shot, meaning that she should have access to handcuffs.  I get that it’s a stressful situation, but still…

At the very least, it’s a twist on the usual format.  It’s definitely nice to see the show mix it up a little.  This was the last episode on the third disc of the first-season set.  I got the fourth disc when I returned the third, so I’ll be seeing if they keep up the trend.

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