Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Void (2016)

I’ve been watching horror movies over the past week or so for two reasons.  First, Halloween is coming up.  This might generate a few more seasonal hits.  The second is to see what gets made.  It’s hard to understand what’s considered good horror, as bad movies do occasionally slip through.  That’s ok, too.  In some ways, bad movies can be just as valuable as good movies.  The basic question, though, is if the movie is entertaining.  Does it live up to the trailers and/or descriptions?

When I watched The Void, I knew is was going to maybe be a little paranormal.  The basic premise is that Deputy Daniel Carter finds a man named James, who is in need of medical attention.  Deputy Carter takes James to the nearest hospital, which is in the process of relocating.  When he arrives, strange things start happening.  For instance, a nurse murders a patient.

Shortly after Carter’s arrival, State Trooper Mitchell shows up, interested in whatever happened with James.  Oh, and a father-and-son pair (Vincent and Simon, respectively) show up, intent on killing James and possibly everyone else there.  Why would Vincent and Simon want to kill everyone?  Well, dead people are being resurrected as monsters.  Why James, in particular?  Well, James was involved in a cult and now members of that cult have surrounded the building.  Well, that’s just great.  What’s a deputy to do?

Movies like this tend to go one of two ways.  Either nearly everyone gets out or nearly everyone dies.  Generally, only comedies tend to have everyone live and this isn’t a comedy.  You’re going to see people die and it’s not going to be pretty.  It’s simply a question of when and how a given character might die and what they have to go through before then.   One of the characters is an intern named Kim.  She seems easy going until the pregnant woman’s grandfather wants Kim to perform an emergency C-section, a procedure for which she isn’t qualified.

In terms of depth of story, the movie seems to go more for the tension rather than back story.  I don’t recall there being much of a story behind the cult or what was going on in the hospital.  I’m not sure that filling in details would have been the right way to go.  The movie was fine at 90 minutes.  It was evenly paced and didn’t seem overdone at all.  While it is possible to have a lengthy fight, I wouldn’t want to watch one just for the sake of padding the running time.

The movie isn’t rated, but would probably carry a strong R rating, given the amount of violence in the movie.  You have people being killed and dead people mutilating other people.  This is not a movie for children.  This is the kind of movie your parents would prohibit you from watching and, when you do finally see it, you realize why.  If you have no stomach for horror movies, I’d recommend skipping this one.

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