Thursday, October 06, 2016

Skor Bars By Hershey's

Note:  This review was originally posted to m Epinions account.

I generally don’t like crunchy stuff.  This is why I’ve never been a big fan of toffee.  Every few years, I get a Skor bar because I forget just how hard toffee is.  I’m not even sure who carries it.  The last time I saw one was in an Office Max, which is a bit overpriced on candy to begin with.  (I’d imagine you can get it whoever you get candy, although Chuckles has shown me that this isn’t always true.)

For those that don’t know what toffee is, imagine frozen caramel.  (Every time I see Skor, I mistakenly think it’s filled with caramel.)  It has a similar flavor, but is extremely hard.  For those that have never seen a Skor, imagine a small bar of toffee covered in chocolate.  They’re thin and on the small side.  Despite the size, it’s pretty rare that I can get through one of these without my teeth hurting a little.

If you have any sort of dental problem where you can’t handle hard food, stay away from Skor.  It really is very hard toffee.  Generally, I’d prefer a Twix.  The cookie isn’t as hard and it does actually have caramel.  Then again, candy and candy bars tend to be subject to personal preferences.  Some people like hard candy while others don’t.

I don’t recall exactly when I first had a Skor, but I remember Skor candy bars being around for a while.  I think it’s been available in the Miami area at least as long as I’ve been around.  I’m sure there are enough people around that like it that it’s not going anywhere.

The price is usually consistent with other candy bars.  (The price-to-size ratio is another reason I go for other candy bars.)  Chocolate and toffee is pretty simple, but I’d check the ingredient list anyway.  I’m going to skip the nutritional information, only because it’s so easy to find online and on the package.  Overall, I have to give it 2 stars.

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