Sunday, April 05, 2015

Grabbers (2012)

As easy as it is to watch streaming movies, I had been putting off watching Grabbers.  I had seen a movie called The Host, which was probably how I found this movie.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch to similar movies so close together.  However, the only real similarity is a large creature terrorizing people.

The movie starts with a streak of light across the sky.  Three people on a boat witness it; it’s the last thing they ever see.  Cut to a police officer, Lisa Nolan, transferring from Dublin to Erin Island.  She’s filling in for the local supervisor, who is on vacation.  Her temporary partner, CiarĂ¡n O'Shea, likes to drink, which is in stark contrast to Lisa’s never having had a sip of alcohol.  Being that the supervisor is on vacation, they’re basically hoping that nothing major happens.  Of course, it isn’t long before people start disappearing.  Oh, and there are these strange eggs, too. 

What follows is pretty straightforward:  The strange creatures start feeding on the local population.  (They’re called grabbers because they simply grab and eat.)  It isn’t long before someone realizes that, like Lisa, the aliens have no tolerance for alcohol.  The locals’ best defense seems to be getting drunk, but that’s a stopgap measure.  Eventually, the alcohol will run out.  The people have to figure out something and quickly; it doesn’t take long for the eggs to start hatching.

This is one of those movies where simplicity seems to be its biggest asset.  The monsters aren’t complicated, but are scary enough to get the point across.  The solution is simple enough that it doesn’t take long for someone to realize what’s going on.  Alcohol is common enough that you’ll be able to find a lot of it nearby.  (Even if it’s illegal, it wouldn‘t be hard to come up with something.)

I can’t really think of another movie similar to this one, except a South Korean movie called The Host.  The Host was more of an outright sci-fi/horror film whereas this one is more of a mystery.  People try to figure out what’s going on rather than simply trying to kill it.

The CGI was impressive.  So was the acting.  (Being that it’s a British film, I didn’t know many of the actors.  The only actor I recognized was Russell Tovey from Being Human.)  I don’t imagine that it’s easy having to deal with a problem that isn’t actually there.  The aliens produce lots of little aliens that swarm the area.  The entire town has to be drunk and scared of something that they can’t see.

It’s an interesting premise to have to stay drunk to stay alive.  It’s the kind of thing that, if not handled properly, probably wouldn’t come off as well.  The movie could easily have been a bad joke.  I’d recommend watching it.  It looks like it’s still available for streaming through Netflix.

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