Friday, September 26, 2014

The Conspiracy (2012)

Note:  This review gives away major details about the movie and how it ends.  If you want to be surprised, you might want to stop reading here.

There’s the old adage that you’re not paranoid if they’re really out to get you.  Terrance might seem like you’re average ranting nut job.  Jim and Aaron are making a documentary about all of his crazy theories about a secret society pushing the world towards one government.  Is that guy on a bike really out to get him?  Maybe.  Is it odd that he disappears shortly after seeing said guy on bike?  Maybe.  Jim and Aaron check local hospitals and whatnot, but Terrance is gone.  His apartment is vacant.  There’s no trace of him.

Jim is willing to let it go.  Aaron, not so much.  Aaron saves various newspaper clippings and starts putting things together.  He puts dates into Google and comes up with The Tarsus Club.  This club seems to have meetings right before major events, such as the attack on the World Trade Center.  Did they really get to Terrance?

This has Jim’s attention, to say the least.  After more research, Jim and Aaron decide to infiltrate a Tarsus meeting.  This is not the best of ideas.  No one has ever gone in and gotten decent footage of a meeting.  Any secret society worth its salt has ways of remaining secret.

The movie starts with Jim saying that he never should have let Aaron go that far.  We get the impression that it won’t end well for Aaron.   The truth is that we see him being beaten up, but not to what extent.  We’re told that he moved away, presumably to the same place that Terrance went.  We never find out what happened to either.

Part of the problem with this angle is that you end up spending the entire movie waiting for something terrible to happen.  You expect Aaron to get hit by a car or something.  Even when it’s a surprise, you still see it coming.

I will say that the whole conspiracy angle is done well.  The title includes a blurred word, which is Mithras.  The movie is kind of what you’d expect a documentary of this type might look like.  If you wait for the end of the credits, you’ll see Chance Investment and Mithras Films credited.  (Chance is the last name of the leader of The Tarsus Group.)  I was able to get this streaming on Netflix.  I would say it’s worth renting the DVD if you can get it. 

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