Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Day Without A Mexican

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I had heard about this movie when it first came out, although I don’t think that it ever got much publicity. A Day Without a Mexican is a movie about what might happen if everyone of Hispanic descent disappeared from California. In the movie, a mysterious fog surrounds the state, cutting off any access to the outside world. Around that time, any Hispanic person disappears. This causes the economy to shut down.

No one has any idea what happened or where they went. A comedian jokes that his burrito is missing. Someone else holds up a sign for his missing Chihuahua. An expert notices that sombreros are shaped a lot like flying saucers and concludes that when we say ‘aliens’, we’re actually talking about aliens from outer space.

There is hope, though; one Hispanic woman remains. She allows herself to be tested in the hopes that something might be found that could bring everyone back. Meanwhile, the economy is in shambles since there isn’t anyone to pick fruit, clean houses, or do any of the other support jobs that are needed.

The movie gets its name from the fact that people in California use ‘Mexican’ to refer to all Hispanics. Ihave noticed that a lot of people don’t seem to have much respect for nationalities other than their own until they go missing. (There’s a senator with an aide that notes that hating immigrants got him elected to senator. Now, loving them may get him elected president.)

The one big problem with the movie is that it relies very heavily on one subject and that subject is showing how important one group of people is to California and, by extension, the rest of the nation. The movie is funny in a lot of places and it only drags in a few places. However, there’s this big focus on just one topic.

I found it hard to believe that there were so many people that were left that helpless. Yes, I know. I’m being naive here. If that many people disappeared from one area, a lot of people would be in serious trouble. You have to admit, though, that the few examples shown were a bit exaggerated.

We never really find out what happened to those that disappeared. The only possible explanation as to why is that everyone else needed a good jolt. It’s a good movie, but I could see a lot of people getting bored with the movie very easily. It’s a shame since the movie has such a great ending. Despite all of the flaws, I can still give the movie four stars.

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