Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Three Iron = Inert Hero

Note:  This review was originally posted on my Epinions account.  A few modifications have been made.

This is going to be a difficult movie for me to review. 3 Iron is a very different movie from what I’m used to. You see, the two main characters don’t say much. One character is Tae-suk, who breaks into houses. He has this method of figuring out which houses are empty. Usually, he’s able to stay for a few days, doing the sort of random stuff you’d do in your own house. He doesn’t steal much except for some food or toothpaste. In return, he usually fixes something, like a scale or a radio.

His method of picking empty houses has varying success. One day, he breaks into a house and starts going about his business, not realizing that a woman is there. She observes him for a while. Eventually, he figures out that she’s there. Instead of calling the police, she goes with him, staying in the various houses and apartments with him. This wouldn’t be a problem except that she has an abusive husband that wants his wife back.

I really don’t want to give away more than that. This is an amazing movie that I think you should watch without knowing too much about it. Everything about this movie was great from the acting to the sets. Because of the lack of dialogue, the movie has to rely on everything else more heavily, from direction to acting, all of which came together perfectly.

The movie is 88 minutes. I found that to be just the right time. I think that making it longer wouldn’t have been a good idea. I have to wonder how Tae-suk came to live the way he did. To go into more detail about anything would have been a mistake. Part of the beauty of the movie is that we’re still able to connect with the characters. (There are also a few parts of the story that are never explored beyond one scene, but I won’t get into that.)

As I said, there was very little dialogue in the movie, which pretty much makes subtitles a minor point. I really didn’t find it distracting at all. I know that some people don’t like foreign movies for this reason; if you’re among this group, I don’t think that you’ll find the subtitles to be a problem.

I would very highly recommend this movie to anyone. It’s a different hind of movie that really makes you pay attention. I could even see this movie holding up on repeated viewings. I’d give this movie five stars.

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