Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review Overflow

It seems that it's gotten a little more difficult to post reviews over at Epinions.  If the product is in the catalog, I can post it.  If not, there's no way to have it added to the database.  This means that I either have to wait for the product to be added or find someplace new to post the review.

I'm actually thinking of posting them here.  The only issue would be figuring out how.  I'd have to post the product name and all and have to worry about searchability.  I may do one or two just to see if it works out.  (I have been adding my reviews to the External Review section of the appropriate pages on IMDb.  This may help with search engines and hits.)

I'm also wondering if I should just use this blog or start a new one.  I haven't been using this one for much else and I don't know that I want to start a new blog for what intermittent reviews I'll be posting.  Is it better to have a new blog or to use an existing one?

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