Monday, August 03, 2009

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I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about the Federal minimum wage, which was jut increased to $7.25 as of July 24. I have to admit that this doesn’t do me a whole lot of good since I don’t have a job. Yes, they say that looking for work as a full-time job, but looking for work doesn’t get the bills paid. I don’t think many landlords will take job applications in lieu of a rent check.

When I first started working at Wolf Camera, I was earning $6.50 per hour. This was in excess of the $5.15 per hour required at the time. When Florida enacted a minimum wage, it was below what I was earning until January of 2008. I was being paid $6.75, but Florida said that the minimum was to be $6.79. (Wolf continued paying me a base salary of $6.75, even when the minimum wage went up to $7.21, because I received sales incentives.)

It was pretty nice having a base salary above minimum wage. It meant that my employer thought enough of me to pay me more than they had to. Even with the sales incentives, it wasn’t anywhere near what I needed to live on, but it was still nice.

When minimum wage caught up with my base salary, it was a little more depressing. It meant that the first few cents I earned every hour meant nothing. Yes, I was still getting above minimum wage, but I was also still earning less than what I needed to in order to afford luxuries such as food and rent. (While the store was being closed, there were paychecks that they had to bump me up to minimum wage because I wasn’t being paid sales incentives until the end of the month.)

Now that I’m looking for work, I have to wonder how minimum wage is affecting my chances of getting hired. I haven’t seen salary information on many of the jobs, but I think a lot of them pay well enough that I don’t have to worry about it.

Or do I?

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