Saturday, June 20, 2009

So many hits, so little time

You have entered 84,800 Bills worth $244,119
Bills with hits: 6,827 Total hits: 7,768
Hit rate: 8.05% Slugging Percentage: 9.16% (total hits/total bills)
George Score: 1,232.66
Your rank (based on George Score) is #288
(out of 52,570 current users with a George Score. [99.5 Percentile])
Your State Rank in Florida is: 21 out of 7,668 [99.7]
Your initial entries with hits have traveled a total of 3,625,979 miles.
They have averaged 475.0 miles per hit and 188.23 days between each hit.

Ok, so it’s been a while since the last entry. Not much has happened in the past few weeks. I did get Rhode Island county bingo with Bristol being the last holdout. I’m not even really sure when I got it. It just sort of showed up as having been completed in the report. I’m not even sure if I can search by county or not.

I also got a hit in Ha Noi, Vietnam. Apparently, it’s living the not-so-good life in the Hanoi Hilton. Interesting, though, that it took almost a year to make it to West Palm Beach before going out of the country.

This hit is from a recent trip to Palo Alto for my brother’s graduation. I doubt it was a direct hit as I generally don’t eat in Quizno’s.

I do, however, go to Wal-Mart occasionally. Apparently, someone found one of my bills on the floor of the men’s room there. I really don’t want to know the details.

Speaking of stuff I don’t need to know the details of, I got this hit not to long ago. It’s hard to tell if people actually are serious or are making stuff up. Occasionally, I have to assume that they couldn’t possibly make this stuff up.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, I’ll have more soon.

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