Monday, February 02, 2009

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They have averaged 450.1 miles per hit and 170.94 days between each hit.

I finally got rid of a lot of $2 bills I had been hoarding. I had gotten in the habit of saving the 1976-series $2 bills, mostly because I was born in February of 1976. It actually got to the point that I had hundreds of them. I realized that it was a bit hypocritical of me, considering that I don’t like others hoarding them. Now, I just have one that I’m saving. It’s one of the date-of-issue bills with the postmark on it.

It took me a while to get rid of them all. I did find a few new machines at the casino that take them. Five appear to be new machines. Another three are machines that I think are new, but may have been moved from elsewhere in the casino. Up until a few weeks ago, there seemed to have been one bank of machines that took $2 bills. It’s not many more machines, but it’s pretty drastic percentage wise.

I went into a Winn Dixie that had those self-checkout machines. I got on line for them and paid for a Gatorade with a $2 bill. Apparently, I’m finding all sorts of machines that take Toms. I don’t think there are many vending machines that take bills other than the one-dollar variety, but I have seen some parking machines that explicitly indicate that they take twos.

I’ve been hearing a little about the new series of bills, 2009, that will be coming out. It seems like it will be released either late next year or early the following year. There’s no news yet on whether or not $2 bills will be issued. It’s doubtful, considering that they’re not requested by a lot of people. In fact, I find it odd that they were issued for two consecutive series. (Those series being 2003 and 2003a.)

Since this entry is so two-heavy, I will leave you with this article. It is a bit old and I may have posted it, but it seems interesting.

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