Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Uphill battle

You have entered 32,837 Bills worth $90,186
Bills with hits: 2,405 Total hits: 2,711
Hit rate: 7.32% Slugging Percentage: 8.26% (total hits/total bills)
George Score: 1,113.02
Your rank (based on George Score) is #670
(out of 51,288 current users with a George Score. [98.7 Percentile])
Your State Rank in Florida is: 35 out of 6,486 [99.5]

Getting hits on a $2 bill is definitely going to be an uphill battle. I’m still seeing them put under the cash tray. I’m still getting surprised looks from cashiers. I’m still a little surprised, although I know I shouldn’t be.

I realized that it’s not unlike the $1 coins, which I don’t want to use at all. (It’s mainly because they can’t be tracked, but also because I don’t have room for them in my wallet.) If you think about it, how often do you get a $1 coin in change? How often have you asked for one at the bank. I don’t even know if most people my age would even know what an SBA coin is. (SBA stands for Susan B. Anthony, for those that are wondering.)

I have to believe that the more I spend $2 bills, the more people will get used to them. Still, I have yet to see a register with a slot for $2 bills. I have yet to receive one as change, although I have seen a few of mine given out. (Most places don’t, though.)

Is there a city out there that uses them on a regular basis? I know that there are others out there that think like I do and spend the bills. Where are these people, though? Do they get jobs in retail? I’d have to think that at least someone has the opportunity to put a few in the register like I occasionally do.

One of these days, when I get the chance, I should put a few in. Not a lot of people pay in cash and I know that most of them would likely end up in the deposit, especially if I’m not closing. My coworkers don’t particularly like $2 bills.

It’s definitely an uphill battle.

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