Tuesday, September 04, 2007

$2 bills and then some

You have entered 24,219 Bills worth $66,091
Bills with hits: 1,822 Total hits: 2,038
Hit rate: 7.52% Slugging Percentage: 8.41% (total hits/total bills)
George Score: 1,079.75
Your rank (based on George Score) is #851
(out of 52,256 current users with a George Score. [98.4 Percentile])
Your State Rank in Florida is: 43 out of 6,245 [99.3]

I got another new county in Georgia, bringing up the total to 22 counties out of 159.

I was in Starbucks today and I saw a $2 bill in the tip jar. I don’t know where that person got it, but they apparently thought it a good idea to give it as a tip. It’s possible that they got it as change at the Starbucks or somewhere else in the mall, which would be a good sign. It’s also possible that they’re like me in that they want to get them into circulation. I checked the bill and it wasn’t marked, so I can be relatively certain that it wasn’t mine.

It’s funny that since I wanted to ask why people why they put toms under the register, I haven’t had it happen as much. It usually happens at McDonalds and there’s enough of a line that I don’t want to hold things up. However, some of the people there have started putting them in the register. I still have no idea if they’re giving them out as change or not, but it’s progress and I’ll take it.

The one chance I did get to ask was at the Apple Store. The woman at the register said simply that they didn’t have the space in the tray for them. I told her that if she put them under the register, the bill would never see circulation again, hinting that I wanted the bills to get back out.

I did pick up a lot more at the bank today. Washington Mutual had fifty of them and a Bank United had another two. I wanted to get fives, but didn’t think of it until most of the banks were closed. It doesn’t really matter. I have some and should have a chance to get more tomorrow.

The big thing for me is entering all of the bills tonight. I wish that I had gotten sequential twos, which would have made things much easier. Then again, there’s always stamping…

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