Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Of Toms and Abes

I spent all of the $2 bills that I got. Most of them seemed to go under the register or the tray, much as I expected. $2 bills just don’t seem to be that popular. I’m not sure if they ever were, though. Stores generally don’t have a place for them in the register. They’re not printed as often as other bills. I’m not sure if there was some shift in public thinking that caused that or if that’s the way it always was.

It seems that I am finding a lot of markings on my bills these days. I found this on a five-dollar bill. I got it from the casino in Hallandale Beach. I’m going to keep it separated from the others so that I can be careful when I spend it. I may separate it permanently because I’m not sure how people would react to seeing it.

It’s kind of interesting, though, seeing all of the markings on bills. I seem to be more aware of it because I’m stamping bills front and back. I get a nice, close look at all of the bills. I wonder if anyone actually takes many of the markings seriously. Many of mine seem to go unnoticed.

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