Thursday, June 30, 2005

More stuff and stuff

I had to reformat my computer last night. It wasn’t fun. I still can’t figure out exactly what happened. It might have been a virus or it might have been something I installed. Either way, reformatting was something I should have done a while ago. There were so many programs that I had installed and never used that it was probably just easier this way.

The thing that I hate about reformatting is that I can never get the computer back exactly the way it was. When I received the computer from Dell, they had customized the settings. I have no idea how to get things back that way.

The one thing I miss sorely (and this was something from a previous computer) was the ability to view individual files in the recycle bin whenever I deleted an entire folder. With my current computer, the recycle bin displays a deleted folder as the folder. With the previous one, reformatting caused it to alternate between this and displaying the individual files within the folder in the recycle bin. I have no idea why I like the other way better, but I do.

I may be able to get a job at Wolf Camera. I applied there yesterday and there seems to be a good chance that I’ll get hired. I have to call back, though, because I’m supposed to go in for an interview on Monday and that happens to be the Fourth of July. I want to make sure that they’re open.

I’m still expecting a check from something I did a while ago. It was for a National Geographic program. I was supposed to watch two DVDs and take a survey both before and after. The check is for $160, which is why I’m so impatient. By my estimate, it should have arrived already. If it doesn’t arrive soon, I’ll have to contact someone.

That’s all for now. With any luck, I’ll be posting a lot on Epinions soon.

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