Friday, March 11, 2005

The next day

Well, the election went pretty well. As expected, there wasn’t much of a turnout at our precinct. There was really only one issue in our precinct, and that was whether or not to allow slot machines at racetracks. The measure was defeated in Miami-Dade County, but passed in Broward County.

One of the advantages of low turnout is that closing up was easy. I think that we only had two machines where the number of ballots was in the double digits. It really saves very little time because most of the work is the same. We still have to count the number of signatures. We still have to take the machines down. We still have to do all of the same paperwork. This election, we had eight machines instead of the usual nine or ten, which meant that the savings in time was negligible.

The only thing of any interest was a man that wanted to vote in our precinct, but wasn’t registered here. His actual polling place was only a mile away, but he insisted in voting where we were. On Election Day, you have to vote at your home precinct; this is the only reason that we will actually refuse to let someone vote. We think that it may have been someone that was testing us or was trying to get attention. We may never know.

On a different note, I found out that I got some money from Epinions, but it’s still not enough to cash out. I got $2.11 for the month of February, which is down from $3.19 for January. It’s odd because I was actually able to write two reviews a day for February, which was up from one a day for January. I tend to write a lot of reviews of Star Trek episodes, which don’t earn as much. The big money is in electronics.

In a few days, the standings per category and overall will be updated. If you want to see how I’m doing, you can go to You have to go down a little, but it will show my rank if I’m in the top 1,000. I’ve already made the top 1,000 overall. I’m hoping to also rank in each of the 23 categories. Maybe I’ll even be able to make the top 100 in something.

Some categories, like Education, are easy to rank in. The person that currently holds 1,000th place for pets only has 295 total page views in that category. The only reason that I haven’t ranked is that I only have two reviews in that category. Two more and I’ll probably come close. The hardest to rank in is, of course, electronics with the person in 1,000th place having 8233 total page views. I doubt very much that I’ll ever do that well in Electronics.

I’d be interested in making the top thousand list for individual reviews. The only category where I rank is Business & Technology, where the minimum is 541 for a review. Education is 460 and Pets is 392, but I haven’t made either of those lists. I suppose the trick is to keep writing. I like to write and I seem to do well at it. I don’t get many people that look at my stuff, but those that do tend to rate my stuff pretty well.

I don’t know when my next entry will be. I’ve been meaning to do something on I’m sure that I’ll get to it eventually.

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